Notes in the Margins: Latinos, optimism; bye, laundry

America’s First, and Last, Latino University The National Hispanic University, founded in Oakland, California, in 1981 to address the needs of Latino students, announced in March that it’s over next year. (Washington Monthly)

What Would Socrates Think About MOOCs? A brief history of technology revolutionizing education. (Slate)

Graduates, take some lessons from commencement speech fiasco Pasadena City College officials invited distinguished alumnus Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of “Milk,” to be the speaker. They disinvited him over a sex tape but forgot to tell him. They replaced him with a public health doctor/Christian fundamentalist preacher who believes children’s cartoons are satanic and once boasted of refusing to treat a prisoner who had a pentagram tattoo. They apologized to Black. Then they reinvited him to speak. (Los Angeles Times)

Davidson College is folding a rare student perk: Full-service laundry Ending the laundry service will save the college about $400,000 a year — money that could be channeled into dozens of other academic and residential activities. (The Washington Post)

College Grads Have Diplomas — and Lots of Optimism What the Class of 2014 may not realize is that their predecessors were also upbeat about their job prospects, only to have their expectations dashed on the rocks of a weak recovery. (The Wall Street Journal via NAICU)