Plato, non-Ivy happiness, and a diversity requirement

The Streamlined Life Students clearly feel besieged. There is the perception that life is harder. Certainly their parents think it is harder. The result is that you get a group hardened for battle, more focused on the hard utilitarian things and less focused on spiritual or philosophic things. (The New York Times)

An Ivy League degree doesn’t make you happier at work. Here’s why. The most selective colleges have their advantages, but the Gallup survey suggests that overall life and job satisfaction are much more closely tied to other factors — such as whether a graduate had a mentor in college or a professor who made them excited about learning. (The Washington Post)

UCLA again considering diversity class requirement Most UC campuses and many other universities have such a requirement. But UCLA’s largest faculty group, which has authority over curriculum changes, has repeatedly rejected the idea, most recently in a low-turnout vote in 2012. (Los Angeles Times)

How Gary Becker Transformed the Social Sciences He transformed our understanding of discrimination, education, labor markets, crime, the family, social interactions and the law. (The New York Times)

Why Some M.B.A.s Are Reading Plato  Schools Try Philosophy to Get B-School Students Thinking Beyond the Bottom Line. (The Wall Street Journal)