Notes: Hotels, coding schools, and a senator’s debt

Emory hires first African-American woman to lead top business school While three minority women are currently deans at American colleges of business, James will be the first to lead a full-time MBA program at a top-25 business school. (CNN via The Huffington Post)

Elizabeth Warren on Spiraling Student Debt and What Should Be Done About It The professor-turned-lawmaker talks about why people should care and what Congress should be doing to help ease the burden on borrowers. (ProPublica)

Coding Schools Tone Down Rosy Job Script  As the programs, which charge anywhere from $6,000 to nearly $18,000 for a three-month course, have proliferated, so has concern about their ability to graduate career-ready coders in less than one college semester. (The Wall Street Journal)

Hotels Embrace the Campus Nearby Large chains are increasingly joining established independent hotels by tailoring their decorations and amenities to the college calendar. (The New York Times)

Meet a Senator With Six Figures Banked—Who Still Has Student Debt Sen. Chris Murphy likes to talk about student debt, including his own. (National Journal)