Illegal frats, career centers, and a tuition lawsuit

U of Buffalo investigation reveals the dangers of illegal fraternities A student journalist has spent the past seven months examining a set of student groups at University of Buffalo that regularly deal drugs, haze pledges and party hard. They also technically “do not exist.” (USA Today)

Cooper Union administrators hit with suit for instituting tuition Cooper Union alumni have slapped the school with a lawsuit over the once-free institution’s controversial decision to charge tuition — while calling out school officials for approving extravagant expenses like personal bodyguards and $10,000 blinds for their new president. (New York Post via University Business)

Job Search Meets Fundraising Some Colleges Fold Career Centers Into Their Development Offices (The Wall Street Journal)

Buys And Sells: If Colleges Were Stocks If colleges were a stock market, I’d short the heck out of Haverford, Brandeis, Smith and their ilk. I’d want to own those American universities in the Global Top Ten. I’d also buy America’s great public universities known for their strength in science and engineering: Michigan, Texas, UCLA and the like. And I’d be biased toward universities with a land-grant history. (Forbes via University Business)

British Universities Turn to Capital Markets Universities have been borrowing from their banks for quite some time. What’s new is that they are tapping the capital markets with public bond issues. (The New York Times)