Why do some students still hit snags when they transfer within MnSCU?

Jessica Medearis, associate director of the Minnesota State College Student Association, says how almost 20 years of work at MnSCU hasn’t been enough to make transferring schools within the system easy:

“Our students are confused by the complexity of the system, and they’re really frustrated.”

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  • Be True

    Funny, I was a recent student at Metropolitan State University and all my credits transferred seamlessly, even the ones that were from 20 years ago.

    As Metropolitan State is my alma mater, I am curious why you would have their picture lead the blog and the linked article instead of a photo of MnSCU? MnSCU is mentioned 19 times in the article, Metropolitan State is mentioned three times. Why show Metro State as the negative entity when the core of the problem lies within MnSCU? What do you have against Metro State? This is an excellent example of journalism that is being misleading, lazy, or outright dishonest.

  • afriedrich

    Sorry that this offended you. I do hope you don’t read too much into the choice of photos. Although I did not choose the image, I do agree with the decision. I’m pretty sure it was a matter of aesthetics, not editorial slant. It’s always a challenge getting photos to illustrate issues that affect one organization I write about regularly. The MnSCU office has one main entrance located inside a skyway downtown. I’m afraid if I shot/published the same entrance/signs/logo for every MnSCU story I did, it would get pretty old pretty fast. I could have photographed one of the students in the story, but I don’t think that would have changed the nature of your complaint. Obviously, we chose the photo of Metropolitan State because it’s an example used in the story. But considering your comments, I will indeed think harder next time about what images to use.