Following last night’s Dinkytown hockey mayhem, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler is sending this warning to students ahead of Saturday’s championship match against Union College: Let  me  be  clear:  Just  being  present  and  watching  a  riot  is,  in  itself,  a  violation  of  the  Student  Conduct  Code.  Bystanders  are  equally  at  risk  of  being  held Read more

One unconventional factor to consider when choosing a college: career services It’s a factor that students may want to start considering at a time when graduating from college with good grades may no longer be enough to get a job. (The Washington Post) Community Colleges Increasingly Adding Bachelor’s Degrees Critics and supporters of the trend say alternately that Read more

After the recent ruling allowing the unionization of Northwestern University football players, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson tells reporters his thoughts on whether full-ride scholarships are enough payment for college athletes: “Guys will say scholarships are good enough. No. No. Because you work for those full scholarships. You qualify academically, and if you don’t Read more

Ridiculous resumes: 6 of higher ed’s most padded CVs These stories are probably good for business at executive search firms, and the brazenness of public figures who maintain false claims about their education and work histories is difficult to believe. (Education Dive) At Last, Porn Studies For those of you looking for new scholarly research projects, Read more

Best, Brightest and Rejected: Elite Colleges Turn Away Up to 95% In the just-completed admissions season, Stanford University accepted only 5 percent of applicants, a new low among the most prestigious schools, with the odds nearly as bad at its elite rivals. Deluged by more applications than ever, the most selective colleges are, inevitably, rejecting Read more

I recently received this from Darrell Downs, president of the Winona State University Faculty Association. You might remember him as the guy who said MnSCU’s Charting the Future plan smacked of overcentralization. Dear Governor Dayton: With the first Minnesota Miracle in 1971, Governor Wendell Anderson and the legislature hammered out a response to the inequitable Read more

College admission rates for Class of 2018: an imperfect but closely watched metric Admission rates are volatile from year to year, and comparing rates from one college to another is a precarious business. (The Washington Post) A New Model for For-Profit Education? Exactly how much power would “socially conscious companies” have from “abuse by shareholders demanding Read more