The Worst Trends in Higher Education  The real threat to higher education today is ideological: the expectation that universities will become instruments of society’s will, legislators’ will, governors’ will, that they will be required to produce specific quantifiable results, particularly economic, and to cease researching and teaching certain subjects that do not fit the utilitarian model. Read more

Despite the National Labor Relations Board Ruling, We Might Never Pay College Athletes Colleges could avoid having to worry about unions at all by just not offering scholarships to students. (Washington Monthly) ‘Dean of the College Media Business’ to Student Journalists: Stop Dropping Print! Don’t abandon it — at least not yet. And mess around Read more

Should There Be Gainful Employment for College Athletes? Colleges aren’t penalized for athletes who leave without a degree, as long as they stay eligible while competing. This measure is likely more reasonable for athletes who leave for the professional ranks, but this excludes students who exhaust their eligibility and do not become professionals. The current system Read more