Notes in the Margins: Pop culture, career services and the new bachelor’s provider

One unconventional factor to consider when choosing a college: career services It’s a factor that students may want to start considering at a time when graduating from college with good grades may no longer be enough to get a job. (The Washington Post)

Community Colleges Increasingly Adding Bachelor’s Degrees Critics and supporters of the trend say alternately that it is helping fill an important social need most universities aren’t, or that it’s an ego-driven, money-wasting cry for prestige and respect from institutions at the low end of the higher-education hierarchy. (Washington Monthly)

A Bold Bid to Combat a Crisis in Legal Education Brooklyn Law School is cutting tuition and abandoning what has become a widespread obsession with climbing the ladder of national law school rankings. (The New York Times)

Popular culture driving higher education choices When a trend or subject becomes popular with young people, the popularity equips teachers to broaden students’ already awakened interest. (Shreveport Times)

Americans’ Trust in Online Higher Ed Rising Traditional universities and community colleges have edge on quality. (Gallup via NAICU)