Notes in the Margins: Newspapers, athletes and new SAT questions

Despite the National Labor Relations Board Ruling, We Might Never Pay College Athletes Colleges could avoid having to worry about unions at all by just not offering scholarships to students. (Washington Monthly)

‘Dean of the College Media Business’ to Student Journalists: Stop Dropping Print! Don’t abandon it — at least not yet. And mess around with digital and mobile, but only if you can make a buck and not at the expense of your most reliable revenue stream. (College Media Matters)

College Board releases preview of new SAT exam questions You probably won’t need to memorize the definitions of words like “obsequious,” “propinquity,” “enervation” or “lachrymose.” But you will need to be alert to the several possible definitions of words such as “intense.” You might also face challenges related to historical documents, such as decoding President Abraham Lincoln’s multiple uses of the word “dedicate” in the Gettysburg Address. (The Washington Post)

When a 43 Percent Graduation Rate Means Success Historically black colleges and universities are doing a better job serving students than headline graduation rates show. But that may no longer be good enough. (National Journal via University Business)

Student Loan Repayment Plans Could Cost Borrowers More There’s a trade-off between flexibility and overall cost for student borrowers, experts argue. (U.S. News & World Report)