Notes in the Margins: Legacies, last-dollar scholarships and the unionization vote

Northwestern University football players to vote today on union amid debate over labor rights The outcome of the secret-ballot vote among Northwestern’s football players will not be known for some time as the board considers a case with broad ramifications not only for intercollegiate athletics but also for how colleges operate. (The Washington Post)

The Political Attractiveness of “Last-Dollar” Scholarships There is a growing number of “last-dollar” scholarships, in which private entities or state/local governments agree to cover students’ remaining tuition and fees after all federal grants have been provided. (Note that it does not cover room and board or living expenses—an important component of the total cost of attendance.) (Washington Monthly)

End College Legacy Preferences Because of legacy admissions, elite colleges look almost nothing like America. (The New York Times)

5 Bold Predictions For The Future Of Higher Education What, where, and how will we learn? (Fast Company via University Business)

Job Market for College Grads Better But Still Weak The Labor Department on Tuesday said the unemployment rate for 2013 college graduates—defined as those ages 20 to 29 who earned a four-year or advanced degree—was 10.9 percent. That was down from 13.3 percent in 2012 and was the lowest since 7.7 percent in 2007. The drop reflects the steady recovery in overall U.S. economic growth and hiring. (Associated Press via NAICU)