Notes in the Margins: Death classes, sexual assault and foreign languages

Is Learning a Foreign Language Really Worth It?  Learning a language is not just about making money — there are the other benefits. But there are also opportunity costs. (The New York Times)

SAT revision: The reaction Should a college-bound student take the SAT or ACT? What difference will the SAT revisions announced last week make as students weigh that decision? These questions are being asked in the nation’s high schools, and they are likely to intensify in the two years before the new SAT debuts in 2016. (The Washington Post)

College, Federal Financial Aid Increasingly Benefits the Rich It’s not just colleges and universities that are shifting their financial aid from lower-income to higher-income students. (Washington Monthly)

Why College Students Are Dying to Get Into ‘Death Classes’ Thousands of college courses on dying and mortality are being held nationwide—and teaching lessons about life. (The Wall Street Journal)

Nearly All College Presidents Think Their School Handles Sexual Assault Just Fine Despite an unprecedented wave of federal complaints accusing universities of mishandling sexual assault on campus, a vast majority of college presidents think their school does just fine, a new survey finds. (The Huffington Post via University Business)