Notes in the Margins: Billionaires, gibberish, and cannabis colleges

Are ‘cannabis colleges’ the next big trend in higher education? Several “cannabis colleges” have been established across the country for the purpose of helping students enter the emerging legal business of marijuana. (USA Today)

How the world’s 10 richest billionaires are shaping education Education consistently finds itself among the industries where the world’s richest people choose to give or (sometimes controversially) exert their influence. (Education Dive)

Group seeks to double number of U.S. students abroad To reach the goal, the Institute of International Education will focus on recruiting more low-income students and others who have not participated in high numbers. Already, 160 colleges and universities have committed to participate, including 10 community colleges or districts. (Associated Press via Community College Daily)

Science Publishers Remove Papers Generated as a Hoax Springer and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers are in the process of removing some 120 papers from their web pages, after it was revealed that these were computer-generated gibberish. (The New York Times)

A Conversation With The President Of The World’s First Non-Profit, Tuition-Free, Accredited, Online University Shai Reshef believes that now that the foundation is in place, the University of the People is well positioned to rapidly grow its business, creating new opportunities for many of the world’s least fortunate people in the process. (Forbes via University Business)