U of M campus security upgrade to cost $4.1M

Campus security improvements prompted by last fall’s surge in robberies will cost the University of Minnesota $4.1 million.

More than three-quarters will go toward installation of a key-card security system in campus buildings. The rest will go to improved campus lighting and more external security cameras.

Pam Wheelock, vice president for university services, said the money will come from a fund for repairs and maintenance. She said the U won’t divert money from major maintenance projects, but minor repairs and improvements at the U may have to wait. “So it’s, you know, cracked sidewalks, it’s updated landscaping in certain areas of campus,” Wheelock said.

The figure does not include about $500,000 being spent on additional staffing for campus police.

  • elkriverscott

    Facts are racist. The million plus is due to black crime bleeding into the campus. The problem can be addressed or we can pretend we don’t know who is causing the problems. Am I black? If that’s important, you are missing the point.
    These are street crimes and will not be addressed with security card passes. How many street crimes does Minneapolis have in a month? You don’t know. How many percentage wise are black perps? You don’t know. Pity.