Notes in the Margins: Parents, search committees and the for-profit image

Doing Higher Ed Right Increasing education funding! Hiring full-time professors! Are these places for real? (Slate)

The politics of the public eye There are clear and direct benefits for academics to communicate with broader audiences, but what about the downsides? This is less about the media platforms facilitating exposure and more about the divisive elements of academic culture that were already there to begin with. (Impact of Social Sciences)

 Most Students At For-Profit Colleges Haven’t Heard Of ‘For-Profit Colleges’ Employers aren’t that much more informed either. In a recent survey, half had no opinion about national for-profit college giants like the University of Phoenix and DeVry, and 76 percent did not know much about local for-profit schools in their area. (The Huffington Post)

Campus Visit Dealbreakers The buyer’s market has put monumental pressure on hiring departments to find only the best people. It’s no longer enough to land an engaging teacher, productive scholar, and kind, considerate colleague. No, we’re talking unicorns only.  (Market Crash Course)

Parents becoming essential to college admissions, recruiting teams Parents across the nation are recruiting high school students at college fairs, providing internship connections to college career centers, hosting admitted student lunches and engaging in their child’s college. (USA Today)