Notes in the Margins: Donations, part-time profs and a German corporate trend

US college degrees increasing in value Wage gap grows for those who don’t have them. (Associated Press via The Boston Globe)

New federal health care rules define workload of part-time college instructors New rules for the Affordable Care Act spell out for the first time a federal method to define the workload of part-time college instructors, but the formula will not necessarily require schools to provide the instructors with health-care coverage. (The Washington Post)

Campuses with the most financial donations The report, called the Voluntary Support of Education, found that philanthropy for colleges and universities has recovered nicely from the dips in the recession in 2008 and 2009.  Across the country, campuses collected $33.8 billion, the most in the history of the 56-year-old survey. (Los Angeles Times)

Exposing a Corporate Trend in Higher Education in Germany The managing director of Transparency International sees a troubling trend in German higher education, as more top-name universities embrace “strategic partnerships” with business and seek to commercialize their research. (The New York Times)

Why Student Loans Are The Worst Way To Fund College The student debt issue can be overstated, and often is. Yet the concern stems from the right place: the way we currently fund a big share of our higher education system, through mortgage-style loans, is one of the worst possible ways to pay for college. (Forbes via University Business)