Student research is booming where you might not expect it – Minnesota’s two-year community colleges. Once known as places that taught only introductory science courses, they’re conducting research with a level of sophistication that faculty members say wasn’t seen as recently as five years ago. The surge is part of a national movement that faculty Read more

Community college grads out-earn bachelor’s degree holders Many newly minted graduates of community colleges are defying history and stereotypes by proving that a bachelor’s degree is not, as widely believed, the only ticket to a middle-class income. (CNN Money via University Business) How Exactly Do Colleges Allocate Their Financial Aid? They Won’t Say. Universities rarely release the Read more

Colorblind Notion Aside, Colleges Grapple With Racial Tension The notion persists that millennials — born after the overt racial debates and divisions that shaped their parents’ lives — are growing up in a colorblind society. But interviews with dozens of students, professors and administrators at the University of Michigan and elsewhere indicate that the reality is far Read more