Notes in the Margins: Textbooks, application panic and the higher-ed summit

Half of Today’s 27-Year-Olds Are More Than $10,000 in Debt The average 27-year-old is actually pretty limited in his choices. (Washington Monthly)

Fever may be cooling in number of college applications; essays not as crucial, report finds The panic in the college application process may be easing a bit. (Los Angeles Times)

A Conversation With: Salman Khan Turned Family Tutoring Into Khan Academy Salman Khan’s first student was a family member. Now his free electronic schoolhouse reaches more than 10 million users around the world. (The New York Times)

High textbook prices affect student grades, study shows The high cost of college textbooks is keeping many students from buying books at all in order to save money, which may negatively affect student grades. (USA Today)

A Few Surprises at the President’s Higher Ed Summit President Obama’s “College Opportunity Summit,” was another example of the president’s clear commitment to improving higher education in America, a few surprises emerged from the gathering. One was the under-representation of community college leaders (only 10 percent) at a gathering meant to highlight the college-going issues of “lower-income Americans. (The Huffington Post via NAICU)