Fixed rates are latest in college tuition plans Many fixed-rate plans are coupled with a commitment to hold financial aid steady so students have a firm cost estimate, but they are not discounts. At Kansas, students starting as freshmen pay more than standard tuition in their first two years to offset lower rates in the last Read more

Part-time students least likely to graduate on time Students who pursue postsecondary degrees exclusively part-time are the least likely group to graduate within six years, according to a new study from the National Student Clearinghouse. (USA Today) Feds Push Financial Institutions To Disclose Arrangements With Colleges The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau urged a number of financial institutions Read more

The University of Minnesota – Duluth is set to demolish an iconic student residence complex next month. When the Stadium Apartments were built in 1972, they offered the first apartment-style student living in Duluth. University demolition project manager John Kessler says they remained popular years later with their two-story apartment layout, spiral staircases and views Read more

College Police Forces Increasingly Expand Reach The police officers who patrol America’s colleges are empowered these days to do far more than respond to campus emergencies. (Associated Press via Washington Monthly) California high court says state bar should release exam scores  California Supreme Court rules for affirmative-action researcher, saying public has ‘legitimate interest’ in admissions process. But Read more

Urbana’s Illini Union Hotel Cuts Rates For Students During Finals The 74-room hotel in Urbana is offering a special deal during final exams, hoping to woo stressed-out students who need to get away from their roommates and end-of-semester dormitory noise. (The Huffington Post) Thinning the Ph.D. Herd How to ease the miseries of grad school? Make sure Read more

While I was researching yesterday’s story on how Minnesota enrollment has returned to its pre-recession levels, the state Office of Higher Education analysts pointed me to this recent federal report. The report, released last week, shows Minnesota has had the ninth-biggest yearly enrollment drop among U.S. states and the District of Columbia since 2011 (see Read more

Why Become a College President? They behave most days as 19th-century political ward bosses rationing funds and dispensing favors while working to manage an enterprise run by faculty operating like a medieval craft guild. A large, unwieldy, archaic volunteer governing board further confuses their job. (The Huffington Post) The Year of Higher Education Policy in Review As Read more