Notes in the Margins: Qatar, college accreditors and punishment for colleges

What if We Punished Colleges for Student Loan Defaults? Under a proposal created by Senate Democrats, colleges might bear greater responsibility for whether or not their students pay back their loans on time. (Washington Monthly)

Morgan State student takes a stand for gay rights at historically black university Openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have long felt excluded from fraternities and sororities. But that’s difficult to prove when a secretive recruitment process is overseen by student leaders who are allowed to pick new members based on personality, likability or pretty much any other characteristic. (The Washington Post)

College accreditors under pressure to crack down These regional accrediting agencies, and some of the 52 national accreditors that regulate religious, online, career, and other specific types of schools, have started to crack down on universities and colleges in the face of increasing pressure from Congress, the White House, and education reformers—and threats that the government could step in to take over their roles if they don’t. (The Hechinger Report)

Instead Of Sending Students Abroad, Qatar Imports U.S. Colleges Doha’s Education City is home to degree-granting departments from Northwestern, Texas A&M, Carnegie-Mellon, Virginia Commonwealth, Cornell Medical School and the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. (KOSU via NAICU)

Why be a king when you can be a college president? Nice gig, if you can get it. (Chicago Sun-Times)