University president: Can anyone differ with Arne Duncan ‘without being dismissed as silly’? It’s certainly not silly that plenty of people who actually do know what they’re talking about have raised numerous legitimate issues about the ability of this government to implement a collegiate rating system based on some pretty dubious data. (The Washington Post) Frequent Tests Read more

Tom Weber of MPR News’ Daily Circuit asks Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system Chancellor Steven Rosenstone why, in a system that generally pegs funding to headcount, would campuses want to coordinate academic programs if it meant losing students? Rosenstone’s reply: “Well, that’s the fundamental question. And I think one of the things the Read more

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities trustees have approved potentially sweeping changes to how their colleges and universities do business. Leaders of the 31 MnSCU schools are being told to stop competing so much with each other for students — and start cooperating to an extent not seen before. They’ll need to rethink the academic programs Read more

The IPO of You and Me: How Normal People Are Becoming Corporations It’s an alternative to student debt. But services like Upstart and Pave thrive in desperate times. In a healthy economy, it’s hard to imagine Ivy League graduates chaining themselves to wealthy patrons via high-tech income-sharing arrangements. (New York) Should We Just Start Over on Federal Read more

Colleges could take over schools in N.Y. city Plan is effort to save some of city’s most struggling schools. (USA Today) Student Loan Data Gap Hinders Government Understanding Of Risks To Economy For example, officials are unable to determine the number of borrowers delinquent on their obligations, or the share of distressed borrowers in repayment plans Read more

Bethel University will send the Department of Education the results of its FY 2013 audit this week, which campus officials say shows the university is financially healthy. The university has been in a battle with the feds over the results of a national college financial-health test, which the government says Bethel flunked. But campus officials Read more

Out-Of-State Colleges Want California Students As Pool Of Applicants Shrinks The Regional Admission Counselors of California represents recruiters who live in California but work for universities in other states. Membership has grown from about 25 members 10 years ago to roughly 80 now. (The Huffington Post) A gilded goodbye for many private college leaders Presidents’ retirement pay and Read more