Notes in the Margins: Mascots, ROTC and an EU ranking

EU-funded ranking sees 600 institutions involved The new EU-funded ranking system has secured involvement from around 600 institutions and will see users choose their own indicators. (Times Higher Education)

Your Mascot Must Behave Like a Heterosexual Male (Anthropomorphized Fictional Bear) A Cornell student alleges that in tryouts for the school’s mascot, generally known as the Big Red Bear, students were told that the animal should behave like a heterosexual man. (Washington Monthly)

Army Suspends R.O.T.C. Closings at 13 Universities The military stepped back from its plan after colleges pushed to keep a door open to rural students and will instead place the programs on “probationary status.” (The New York Times)

How to Spot a Lousy Net Price Calculator About 53% of net price calculators are mediocre because they use the federal calculator template. (The College Solution)

Is saving for your kids’ college really a good idea? Somewhere there’s a sane financial path for helping your kids with college. But how many dollar bills do you need to wrap around your child’s cocoon to feel you’ve done enough? How do you make the present comfortable and enriching for them without jeopardizing their future? (The Washington Post)