Notes in the Margins: Jesus, rankings and default rates

Jesus Would Not Do Online Courses There is no specific Catholic or Christian prohibition against online education, but King’s College theology professor Jonathan Malesic does have a point about how online is getting pretty far away from the principles that led Catholic leaders to create colleges in the first place. (Washington Monthly)

Barnard President, Says Women Can’t Have It All — And Shouldn’t Even Try At Barnard, Debora Sapr says she observes young women striving for perfection every day — as well as her own experience as a mother of three children and a former professor at Harvard Business School, Spar, 50, calls on all women to “kill the myths” that make them feel inadequate. (The Huffington Post)

Study: Rankings Affect Student Applications A recent academic journal article says a gain of one place in the rankings can increase applications. (U.S. News & World Report)

Students believe climate change is occurring, push their schools to divest Students cite their future as the reason for getting involved with climate change activism on campus. (USA Today)

Experts Find Increased Default Rate on Student Loans Troubling The three-year default rate on federal student loans have increased from 13.4 percent to 14.7 percent. That involves a cohort of students who began repaying their loans during a time when the Obama administration was trying to “get the word out” about various repayment options meant to help students avoid default. (Diverse via NAICU)