Notes in the Margins: Bad writers, college value and a bra bandit

Colleges’ hidden problem: Finding students College is actually a buyer’s market. Most schools accept the majority of their applicants. And college administrators live in fear that they won’t attract enough freshmen to meet their admission figures. (CBS News)

Dorm bra bandit on the loose  An estimated 100 bras were stolen from White Residence Hall back in September. Corrine Frigault, a sophomore business major, still doesn’t feel comfortable doing laundry on campus. (The East Carolinian)

Is The SAT Creating A Generation Of Bad Writers? English professor Anne Ruggles Gere of the University of Michigan says that the college entrance exam is turning out a generation of bad writers who are fast and loose with the facts. (NPR)

Student Loan Servicing Beset By Problems Faces Calls For Overhaul The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said in a report last week that profit-boosting practices banned in other consumer debt industries, yet still used by companies that collect payments on so-called private student loans — those not guaranteed by taxpayers — can hurt consumers through higher fees, excess interest and forced delinquencies. (The Huffington Post)

Lists That Rank Colleges’ Value Are on the Rise Purists might regard it as an insult to the intellectual, social and civic value of education, but dollars-and-cents tabulations are the fastest growing sector of the college rankings industry. (The New York Times)