How friendly are MN campus dining halls to vegan students?

vegan ranking

It’s a debut effort and includes few details, but the animal-rights group Peta2 has just released a report card on how accommodating colleges and universities are to vegans.

One of the two Minnesota “A” earners is no surprise — “A” St. Olaf College, which is renowned for its cafeteria.

But the University of Minnesota – Crookston? That A student pummeled the Twin Cities campus, which received an “F.”

(That said, it could be lack of participation in the ranking that drove this.)

The survey-driven methodology is a bit fuzzy. Peta2 said it polled campuses for the report card, but also enables students to rate their colleges on the site.

USA Today reports:

The schools were ranked based on factors such as having an all-vegan dining facility, partnering with students to distribute vegan food and including a vegan member on its student advisory board.

You can access the ranking here. Choose “Minnesota” on the state-selector menu at the top.