Notes in the Margins: Tuition rollbacks, Obama’s scorecard and a living wage for profs

Colleges slash tuition to avoid sticker shock Worried about scaring away cost-conscious students, some small private colleges are “resetting” tuition levels. Others worry that families judge price as a mark of quality. (USA Today) 

How Can We Keep Public Universities Accessible? What should be done about how schools are using their financial aid? With budget cutbacks, how can public schools mind their bottom line while staying accessible for the lowest-income students? Higher education experts will be weighing in on Reddit this Thursday, starting at 1 pm ET. (ProPublica)

Getting a Clearer Picture of College Costs A calculator being introduced by Wellesley will give students and their families a clearer sense — perhaps less daunting — of the prospective out-of-pocket costs at top colleges. (The New York Times)

Obama’s college plan gets it wrong The problem is that the new government scorecard is as flawed as the ones it would replace. And it would do little to fight the main problem in higher education — inflation disconnected from actual learning in college. (USA Today via NAICU )

Do College Professors Deserve a Living Wage? Indeed, one million college professors now teach off the tenure-track with poverty-level wages that have long-rivaled Wal-Mart and MacDonald’s workers.  With the recent clamor for higher wages for unskilled labor, should our nation’s highly skilled “contingent” professors also receive the minimum wage for each and every hour they work, and time and a half for overtime? (CounterPunch via NAICU)