Notes in the Margins: Suicide waivers, parasitic profs and care-package condoms

Black Enrollment Falls as Michigan Rejects Affirmative Action Three years after the court allowed race-based admissions, Michigan voters blocked them at state schools through a ballot initiative. The result is fewer black students crisscrossing the Diag, the wide space that cuts through the heart of the university’s Ann Arbor campus. Black enrollment is down about 30 percent at the undergraduate and law schools. (Bloomberg)

Chinese Students Sign ‘Suicide Waivers’ Before Starting College  The document, officially called the “student management and self discipline agreement,” contains language placing the burden of responsibility for any suicides or other injuries squarely on the students. Yet the cold legalese of officials offers little comfort to parents already nervous about leaving their children behind. (The Huffington Post)

On being a tenure-track parasite of adjunct faculty My job as a tenured associate professor of biology wouldn’t be possible without a sizable crew of adjunct instructors in my department. (Small Pond Science)

On college admission rates, batting averages and the comparability of statistics How is the college admissions process like baseball? Consider two key statistics. (The Washington Post)

College Care Packages: Moms Sending Condoms, Cookies And Socks In the decade Sarah Tetley has worked with college students, she’s seen a change in care packages sent from home. (The Huffington Post)