Notes in the Margins: Sorority racism, aid for the wealthy, and the United Arab Emirates

Public Universities Ramp Up Aid For The Wealthy, Leaving The Poor Behind But many public universities, faced with their own financial shortfalls, are increasingly leaving low-income students behind — including high achievers. (The Huffington Post)

Today’s typical college students often juggle work, children and bills with coursework When President Obama talks about the cost of higher education, his mentions of “college students” might often evoke images of teenagers who spent senior year of high school searching for the four-year institution that best matched their personalities, then enrolled and moved into the dorms while Mom or Dad paid the bills. (The Washington Post)

U.A.E. Becomes a Magnet for Chinese Students University campuses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates are actively recruiting students from China. (The New York Times)

Sorority Exposes Its Rejection of Black Candidate Allegations by a member of Alpha Gamma Delta and students in other sororities at the University of Alabama said alumnae of the traditionally white sororities pressured them to reject African-Americans. (The New York Times)

Report: Grad school enrollment up slightly The Graduate Enrollment and Degrees report showed an almost 4% increase in applications to graduate school programs from fall 2011 to fall 2012. (USA Today)