Notes in the Margins: Bush, internship roadblocks and profs’ free speech

JPMorgan to stop making student loans: The biggest U.S. bank concluded that competition from federal government programs and increased scrutiny from regulators had limited its ability to expand the business. (Reuters via Slate)

Court Upholds Speech Rights of Public University Professors A public university professor had a First Amendment right to criticize the management of his school, a federal appeals court has ruled. (The Wall Street Journal)

Best Practices for Virtual Tours in Higher Education A recent Cappex report showed that virtual tours were the number one tool used to initially evaluate a campus. (Higher Education Marketing)

Colleges throwing up internship roadblocks Some universities cap the amount of credit that students can earn through internships, which creates challenge for students who have already “used up” their internship credits. (USA Today)

George W. Bush Award Draws Protest Plans At University Of Denver Bush will be recognized both for his service as president as well as efforts to fight HIV, cervical cancer and malaria in Africa. The Josef Korbel School’s decision has outraged many at the school who fault the 43rd president for starting the war in Iraq and allowing the use of torture on prisoners. (The Huffington Post)