How salaries of University of Minnesota’s leaders stack up

Here’s a University of Minnesota graph on how the salaries of its senior leaders — senior VPs, chancellors, deans and such — stack up against equivalents at other universities.

It was apparently the first time senior leaders were included in the U’s annual report on employee compensation, which you can find at the bottom of this post.

Its conclusion, CFO Richard Pfutzenreuter told reporters:

“Generally, administrators here — and deans — are at or under market [levels]. I noticed for myself I was 40 percent under my peers. I’m not complaining.”

Remember, the comparison is based on salaries, which the report says is the only reliable data available for comparison.

Below is the breakout for deans:

The report’s overall conclusions are on page 33.

  • aanann

    I don’t accept the premise that the ‘market’ has anything to do with the salaries. I’m sure that there are plenty of capable people ambitious enough to do these jobs for less money. Just like with picking fruit.