Backlash over a columnist’s criticism of UMN coach Jerry Kill

Star Tribune sports columnist Jim Souhan has been taking guff over a column Sunday in which he stated that University of Minnesota head football coach Jerry Kill should no longer be leading the program because of his epilepsy.

Now the media blog has posted an apology by Star Tribune editor Nancy Barnes.

The main snippet:

On behalf of the Star Tribune, I apologize. In no way did we intend to suggest that people with epilepsy, or other disabilities, should be hidden away. Nor did we intend to be callous or insensitive to their struggles.

MPR News blogger Bob Collins is all over the backlash — and responses by Souhan and the news media since the uproar.

  • coachkillfan

    The only problem with the “apology” is that they stand by the opinion that Coach Kill should no longer be Coach because of his epilepsy. I guess the ADA should be tossed out as well? And head injuries are a big cause of epilepsy — head injuries like you get playing football. Here’s the irony: The sports columnist whose job depends on sports is saying a guy should lose his job because of his condition that if often caused by SPORTS. Wow. I think Mr. Souhan AND Ms Barnes should resign…because they are ignorant.

  • jerry wicklund

    Jim Souhan thrives and gloats over our local sports teams when they don’t loose, especiallyi the gophers. Recruiters from other schools have scrap books about the negative articles he has written, as well as Reusee, they both must leat own crap for breakfast everyi day. They do so much harm for our recruiting, they are such experts on everything in sports but why aren’t they coaches or general managers if they are so smart. They need to be shown the door now.
    Jerry Wicklund