Notes in the Margins: Marxism, faculty pay and Advanced Placement failures

Stanford scholars find varying quality of science and tech education in Brazil, Russia, India and China In an effort to create world-class university systems, Brazil, Russia, India and China are funneling resources to higher education institutions. Stanford scholars look at the effects of such an expansion and whether these grads can compete in the global knowledge economy. (Stanford)

The 10 Colleges That Pay Professors The Most  Five universities pay the average full professor $200,000 or more, a new survey reveals. (The Huffington Post)

Advanced Placement classes failing students The number of kids who bomb the AP exams is growing even more rapidly. (Politico)

Obama to Offer Plans to Ease Burden of Paying for College President Obama said he would work to reshape the way Americans pay for higher education, though it was unclear precisely what he planned to propose. (The New York Times)

Vietnam Seeks to Lure Students to Study Marxism With Free Tuition The government is aiming to draw students to study the ideology of Marx, Lenin and Ho Chi Minh, but the students are avoiding those programs because they say potential employers are not interested. (The New York Times)