Notes in the Margins: Essay mills, intelligent design and the minimum wage

A Classic High Achiever, Minus Money for a College Consultant Travis Reginal and Justin Porter were friends back in Jackson, Miss. They attended William B. Murrah High School, which is 97 percent African-American and 67 percent low income. Murrah is no Ivy feeder. Low-income students rarely apply to the nation’s best colleges. But Mr. Porter just completed a first year at Harvard, Mr. Reginal at Yale. (The New York Times)

How much would a minimum-wage increase help students? If the minimum wage was raised to the $9, as President Obama suggests, the burden placed on college students and college-age students, who make up 50% of the demographic working for this rate, would be lessened, some say. (USA Today)

Why I write for an essay mill How a ‘freelance ghostwriter’ haunts the sector. (Times Higher Education)

Ball State University Bans Teaching Intelligent Design In Science Classes Ball State University president Jo Ann Gora said “intelligent design and creation science do not qualify as science,” and that it would no longer be a part of the university’s science classes. (The Huffington Post)

In higher education, the Great Recession’s unlikely impact: an innovation revolution Major innovations — forged by the struggles of the Great Recession and fostered by technology — are coming to higher education. Investment dollars are flooding in. Public officials, desperate to cut costs and measure results, are open to change. (Associated Press via the Star Tribune)