Notes in the Margins: Engagement, adjunct professors and celebrity tutors

More Educated, Less Engaged A college degree can do a lot of things — such as improving job prospects and increasing lifetime earnings — but it doesn’t guarantee engagement at work. In fact, people with a high school diploma or less are slightly more likely to be engaged in their work than those with a college degree. (Gallup Business Journal)

UNT to eliminate adjunct-taught classes Over the next year, UNT will be eliminating adjunct-taught courses and adding more full-time faculty, veering away from national trends in the opposite direction. (NTDaily)

Why Jobs Go Unfilled Even in Times of High Unemployment Companies say too many applicants just don’t have the right skills. Partnerships between employers and community colleges are looking to fix that. (National Journal)

Maryland university buying bulletproof whiteboards  The University of Maryland Eastern Shore is planning to buy $60,000 worth of special whiteboards that can be used as  writing pads — and as protection against bullets should there be a need. (The Washington Post)

In Hong Kong, the Tutor as Celebrity The highly competitive admissions process for universities appears to be a driving force behind the phenomenon of celebrity tutors. (The New York Times)