Notes in the Margins: Customs agents, transfer students and women in debt

Amid federal investigations, schools revise sexual assault policies Students at a number of schools have pressured administrations to change their response to sexual assault, many filing complaints with the Department of Education and prompting investigations. (USA Today)

Tomorrow’s houses, brought to you by today’s students No longer just a buzzword, sustainability has become a driving force for architecture and design schools across the world. (USA Today)

Over 60 percent of students transferring from a two-year college go on to complete four-year degrees Another eight percent remained in college and were still working on a four-year degree six years after transfer, according to a recent report. (University Business)

Student Loan Debt Bad? It’s Much Worse for Women Although the burden of loan debt affects a significant percentage of those under 35 regardless of demographic, it turns out that women are hurt more. This is because though women and men pay the same amount for their college degrees, they do not reap the same benefits. (The Street via NAICU)

Understanding Higher Education: Lessons From a British Customs Agent Much of American higher education is a little like the British custom agent — smug, confident in his world, self-assured, and largely oblivious to the complexity and mass of humanity passing by him at Heathrow. (The Huffington Post)