Notes in the Margins: Class, arts majors and the white student union

Arts majors jump ahead of tech grads in landing jobs Recent graduates with tech degrees face higher unemployment rates after the Great Recession. (USA Today)

A college degree is not the path to the middle class Although the discussion of university attendance rates, when it occurs, is often framed in economic terms, it invokes a concept so ethereal and pernicious that it cannot be fully and fairly discussed by many Americans: class. (The Guardian via NAICU)

Georgia State freshman creates White Student Union GSU freshman Patrick Sharp, 18, the club’s founder, says he trying to promote a sense of identity within white students and celebrate their European heritage. (USA Today)

Universities Create Their Own Social Networks For Students Milwaukee School of Engineering is one of a handful of institutions that has decided engaging with students through social media requires more than just a Facebook page and a Twitter account. These universities are creating their own social networks centered on the student experience, with many of them hoping to cover the span from prospective student to alumnus. (Information Week via University Business)

Culture change needed to counter brain drain Back in 2008, the Chinese Communist Party turned headhunter when it began a program tempt the brightest and best Chinese back to their homeland after periods studying and working abroad. On fleeting inspection, the programme is a raging success. But scratch faintly at the surface and the gaping cracks appear. (University World News)