Notes in the Margins: Christian dorms, part-time work, and academics’ time at home

Work is where the heart is For academics, greater well-being doesn’t stem from spending more time at home (Times Higher Education)

Norwegian Mass Killer Denied Admission Anders Behring Breivik has been informed “that his qualifications do not suffice for admission to the bachelor program.” (The New York Times)

3 Economic Stories That Get Blown Out of Proportion Nearly every article on student loans these days carries the same statistic: Student debt now exceeds credit card debt. Is this supposed to be shocking? (The Motley Fool via NAICU)

Troy University Faith-Based Dorm Under Fire For Alleged Christian Bias The Freedom From Religion Foundation is pushing a public university in Alabama to abandon its plans to open a residence hall for religious students. (The Huffington Post via University Business)

80% of students work at least part-time Many students are flipping burgers for tuition or spending money (The Wall Street Journal via NAICU)