How much the U and Mayo are losing because of sequestration

Gary Balas, a professor of aeronautical engineering at the University of Minnesota, tells MPR’s Brett Neely what effect sequestration-related budget cuts are having on researchers’ work:

“You end up spending much more of your time chasing money and less time doing the research.”

The U says it’ll lose more than 5 percent of its research budget because of the cuts, and the Mayo Clinic is projecting a drop of more than 8 percent.

You can read the full story here.

  • Fred Garvin

    So not getting more of someone else’s money is “losing” it?
    Gosh, I’ve lost MILLIONS over the years because the state & feds wouldn’t give to me what I thought I was entited to!
    AND, I had to spend much more time on my tax return and less on my life just to find some money that I was ACTUALLY entitled to…