Beck Kilkenny, an orientation leader this year Minneapolis Community and Technical College — and digital editor at City College News — writes about what didn’t work during MCTC’s orientation: There was a lot of emphasis … about playing icebreaker games to facilitate communication within the group. This did not excite the students ….. Maybe it’s Read more

Student loan forgiveness plans underused Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, hopes that increased awareness of these plans will encourage more students into pursuing careers as teachers or nurses — just two of the public service jobs facing a huge shortfall in qualified workers in the next decade. (MoneyWatch) Go to game or watch Read more


  I knew it was too early for school. I’ve just spoken with Elizabeth Kirchoff, an English professor at Minnesota State University – Moorhead. Students in a couple of her classes have been complaining “relentlessly” that their dorm rooms have no air conditioning, and that sleeping conditions are just unbearable. They told her that fans Read more