‘Robust’ cells draw bone marrow group to campus

cotton swabs

National account executive Nadya Dutchin of Be the Match tells MPR’s Lorna Benson why the bone marrow donor recruitment organization is targeting college students as potential contributors:

“The cells that are coming from younger people are just much more robust. And they’re able to do a better job in the patient.”

The Minneapolis nonprofit is training nearly two dozen college students from across the United States this week to better recruit people their age.

One University of Minnesota student said dressing up one recruiter as “Cutie the Q-tip” — named after the cheek swab used to identify potential donors — helped the U’s chapter sign up 400 donors during its February drive.

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(Note: This year marks the 45th anniversary of the first successful bone marrow transplant — which was performed by U of M doctors no less. Benson’s story on the 40th anniversary five years ago is here.)