Business schools aim for diversity

Carlson School

Bill Woodson, assistant dean of the University of St. Thomas‘ Opus College of Business, tells The Daily Circuit why increased diversity is a growing topic in business schools:

“We’re seeing some declines in enrollment, as well as shifts in demographics. And whereas I think 25-35 years ago, if you weren’t seeing participation from underrepresented minorities, that was probably less of an issue – because the successful schools had full enrollments, employers weren’t making demands, weren’t dissatisfied with the selection they had to choose from in terms of talent coming out of those programs.

Today, the landscape is different. When we talk to employers, they make it very clear that they have a preference for recruiting from schools that not only have terrifically well-prepared talent and high-potential talent, but also talent that represents the diversity of the populations that those companies are serving.”

He was speaking on the first day of the first National Diversity MBA Summit, which was held this past weekend at the University of Minnesota‘s Carlson School of Management.

You can listen to the interview above and get background information here.