What’s happening to the Zipcars at the University of Minnesota?

Those rent-by-the-hour Zipcars around the University of Minnesota will be going away,  soon to replaced by Hourcars, the Star Tribune reports.

They’ve been around for six years, but the new car-sharing company apparently impressed U officials with better insurance and a simple pricing structure.

Hourcar’s two-year contract starts Aug. 1, and students and staff with Zipcar memberships will get a $35 credit to cover the cost of the Hourcar membership.

Things were looking shaky for Zipcar at Winona State University a couple of years ago as well. I’ll call to see what happened.

Read the full story here.

  • hftfiawh

    I’ve been an HourCar member for two or three years. Love ’em — great to hear they’ll now be at the U.

  • afriedrich

    That’s good to hear. The UMN contract aside, I wonder whether there’s much of a difference in service, convenience or price between the two companies.