Augsburg College faculty members Lars D. Christiansen and Michael J. Lansing write in MinnPost why physical presence is so important in teaching, and why online education — specifically the massive open online course (MOOC) — offers the promise of something it can’t deliver: “MOOC boosters assume that education is about the thinking mind, not the feeling body. For the Read more

Why Forbes Removed 4 Schools From Its America’s Best Colleges Rankings Claremont McKenna isn’t the only top college that lied. Bucknell University doctored SAT results from 2006 to 2012; Emory University provided numbers for admitted students rather than enrolled ones for more than a decade; and Iona College lied about acceptance and graduation rates, SAT scores and alumni giving for nine years Read more

Senate Approves College Student Loan Plan Tying Rates to Markets Many liberals, who are upset that the plan would replace the fixed-rate subsidized federal student loan program, criticized their colleagues for leaving lower- and middle-income students vulnerable to swings in the market. (The New York Times) Some thoughts on student loan interest rates The 3.86 percent rate Read more

In a Minnesota Daily story on flipped classrooms, University of Minnesota  chemistry freshman Jessica Wyatt says she likes the prof-at-the-podium model just fine, thank you very much: “Flipped classrooms at the [University] are really obnoxious, because you don’t get the lecture-style learning that you’re looking forward to when you go to college.” So take that, Read more