Notes in the Margins: Roma, mascots and scholarships for the middle class

UCLA, Southwestern law students to write ‘real world’ amicus briefs Two Los Angeles law schools are launching programs designed to give their students real-world legal experience by writing briefs on behalf of nonprofit groups or other causes that professors deem worthy. (Los Angeles Times)

For Roma, a Steppingstone to Graduate School A program at the Central European University in Hungary is encouraging the brightest Roma students to pursue higher degrees. (The New York Times)

Universities attempting to lower student loan debt Increasing grant and scholarship funds — along with other methods — are helping schools like the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and the University of Michigan keep student loan debt in check. (USA Today)

California Middle Class Scholarships soon available for college students It will offer sliding-scale discounts of up to 40 percent for families who earn $150,000 or less and don’t qualify for Cal Grants, which support lower-income students. (The Oakland Tribune via University Business)

The secret life of a college mascot  A college’s mascot is one of the best known, most beloved figures on campus. The thing is, for the students behind the mascots, it’s a secret. They can’t tell anybody. (CNN)