Notes in the Margins: Rising humanities, 3D printing and extra presidential duties

What It Takes to Make New College Graduates Employable Closing the gap between what employers need and what colleges produce will require effort from both sides, specialists say. (The New York Times)

3D printing gaining popularity on college campuses On some college campuses, clicking “print” is taking on a whole new meaning. (USA Today)

New presidents at major universities will have extra duties Wanted: chief executive to oversee a multibillion-dollar enterprise that employs thousands, educates tens of thousands, pushes cutting-edge research and medical care, and fields national-caliber sports teams that are often a headline or two away from controversy. Must be skilled at fundraising and political tightrope walking and have an appreciation for funny-looking mascots. Working 24/7 is expected; ability to walk on water is a plus. (Associated Press)

With higher education struggling, one small private college is thriving in New Hampshire Colleges throughout the state are dealing with rising tuition and a lack of state aid and private donations, and students are facing a larger burden of student debt. But New England College, it seems, has managed to buck this trend, despite its $44,554 annual sticker price. (The Telegraph via NAICU)

The humanities are not in crisis. It’s just that more people are going to college Concerns about the fall of the humanities in particular were stoked recently by a Harvard report. Seemingly horrifying. But there are three fundamental problems with the data. (Quartz via NAICU)