Notes in the Margins: Pepper spray, campaign contributions and Canada’s green campuses

For-profit colleges giving big to helpful House members House Education Committee Chairman Rep. John Kline, who saw a dramatic upsurge in campaign contributions from for-profit colleges in recent months, is pushing legislation that would help the industry preserve its access to federal student loans. (USA Today)

Rebooting online education The disappointing results from San Jose State’s experiment with online courses shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that such courses can’t help students. But the classes the university offered in collaboration with online provider Udacity were practically a model of how to do online education badly: rushed into existence and sloppily overseen. (Los Angeles Times)

Officers who pepper-sprayed UC Davis students can be named, court rules Newspapers have the right to publish the names of all UC Davis campus police officers involved in the pepper-spraying of students at a 2011 protest, court says. (Los Angeles Times)

The Greening of Canadian Campuses Sustainability has become more than a fashionable buzzword at Canadian universities; it has become enshrined in both official policy and student life. (The New York Times)

Ten Questions Presidents Should Ask Their Enrollment Deans Since financial aid is linked to how a college operates and is the largest potential variable in a college’s budget annually, it is important for college and university presidents to understand how the game is played. Those who risk taking a pass on their enrollment lesson will pay dearly for their decision. (The Huffington Post)