Notes in the Margins: General Petraeus, Bill Gates and the flipping of the flipped classroom

Petraeus takes big pay cut with $1 salary Former CIA director David Petraeus is taking a big salary cut for his visiting professorship at the City University of New York’s honors college after being criticized for how much he was getting paid. (ABC News via Education Dive)

College makes you healthy At the core of the debate over the value of college is a collage of evidence showing that it produces better lifetime outcomes not just in income but in health and happiness. How does this happen? And how can we be sure that we aren’t just seeing a selection bias — i.e., that people who go to college would have been richer, healthier, and happier in any case? (Freakonomics)

Academy must embrace new technology It’s fair to say that we’ve been slow to innovate in the world of teaching. There are reasons for this. Terror is chief among them. It’s bad enough that students can now track us down via email 24/7. (Times Higher Education)

Classes should do hands-on exercises before reading and video  A study of how students best learned a neuroscience lesson showed a distinct benefit to starting out by working with an interactive 3D model of the brain. (Stanford)

Gates Foundation responds to critical articles Daniel Greenstein, the foundation’s director of education and post-secondary success, said that the Chronicle of Higher Education’s special report “missed the big picture” in its extensive special report detailing how Microsoft founder Gates has spent nearly half a billion dollars since 2006 supporting higher education initiatives. (The Washington Post)