Notes in the Margins: Dissertation delays, open records and workman’s comp

Former UC Davis cop in pepper-spraying case wants worker’s comp The former UC police officer who was internationally condemned for pepper-spraying demonstrators at UC Davis is seeking worker’s compensation, claiming he suffered psychiatric injury as a result of the November 2011 incident. (Los Angeles Times)

Historians Seek a Delay in Posting DissertationsThe American Historical Association caused a stir by asking universities to allow new Ph.D’s to keep their dissertations from being circulated online for up to six years. (The New York Times)

Legal rulings loosen universities grip on open recordsTwo court cases result in different rulings after both are denied access to information. Two recent legal rulings have begun to make clear what constitutes a public record from Pennsylvania State University and Louisiana State University. (USA Today)

Congress Doesn’t Need To Make College Affordable The federal government should have no role in trying to make college affordable, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) said, backing legislation that would prevent the Obama administration from enforcing new rules on for-profit colleges. (The Huffington Post)

Student Lenders Are Pressed to Ease Terms Companies that make student loans are coming under new pressure from regulators to lower payments for borrowers who are unemployed or face other tough circumstances amid widespread concern that student debt is burdening many Americans. (The Wall Street Journal)