Notes in the Margins: China, the NSA and the elimination of tuition

NSA Recruiters Taken Apart By Ravenous University Of Wisconsin Badgers  A duo showed up at the University of Wisconsin, hoping to sell students attending a summer language program at the school on the idea of working for the NSA. The audience — comprised mainly of grad students and a few members of a local high school class — wasn’t buying. (The Huffington Post)

Why do Americans mistrust for-profit universities? America has a long history of for-profit colleges. They once fulfilled an important role in the country’s education system. But as the sector has grown, so has the criticism. (The Economist)

In Oregon, a Plan to Eliminate Tuition and Loans at State Colleges The Legislature has approved a proposal that could have students commit a percentage of future income for university payment, but it faces procedural and practical hurdles. (The New York Times)

In China, Higher Education Brings Few Guarantees Almost 7 million college graduates will pour into China’s job market this year, but a large proportion will struggle to find suitable work. (Time via NAICU)

Nineteen nations in new ranking’s global top 100 An unusual ranking of world universities puts 57 US universities are in the top 100. But it then drops rapidly down to England and Japan in equal second place with six each, France with five, Canada, Israel and Switzerland four, Australia and Germany two, and another 10 countries scoring one each. (University World News)