How the Minnesota law-school scene looked in February

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Back in January 2011 as well as last February, MinnPost wrote about (and localized) the law-school slump that the Wall Street Journal and Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal have just discussed.

(Note: The WSJ article is behind a paywall.)

Here’s what it had to say about the local scene at the time:

Minnesota’s law schools — already under competitive pressure given that there are four — are feeling the pain. Hamline and the University of St. Thomas School of Law have both seen a drop in applications commensurate with the 15 percent to 20 percent average in the ABA’s Great Lakes region.

Applications will roll in for a few more months, but St. Thomas may admit a class of 130, compared with 156 in 2011, according to spokesman Chato Hazelbaker. Hamline’s incoming class, too, will contract even though last year’s was 30 percent smaller than the year before, said Lewis.

Administrators who track admissions data at William Mitchell College of Law were not available this week, but there’s no reason to think the program isn’t facing similar challenges.

You can read the full story here.