How Bennies are sharing their memories

iPad app screenshot

Now that it’s celebrating its centennial, the College of St. Benedict has released a nifty iPhone/iPad app  (Update: and an Android version as well) that helps its alumni share photos of their Bennie reunions:

Help us celebrate 100 years of Bennie memories and connections! Snap a picture with a Bennie friend or other important person in your life, add the signature “centennial hubs” to represent the myriad of connections CSB facilitates, and then share your photo in the CSB Connect gallery.

Spokeswoman Diane Hageman says the college cooked up the app by itself, and knows of no others in Minnesota.

She wrote me:

The alums will be encouraged to take photos with their friends, roomies, etc., and they will be posted to our photo gallery on the website and their own Facebook pages.

We will encourage them to use the app throughout the next year as they gather with Bennies, both formally and informally.  There has been a lot of buzz around this reunion and centennial kickoff and we believe that it will definitely foster stronger connections to our alumnae.

The college released the app June 29. As of last Wednesday — just before the long Independence Day weekend — it had been installed 350 times, she said.

So far, the gallery has posted more than 300 photos.